Fit For Adventure Podcast Interview

Max Lurie is an AMGA certified Rock and Alpine Guide, as well as an accomplished alpinist. Max has been climbing since 2004 and traveling to the world's greatest mountain ranges in pursuit of his passion.
Written by
Max Lurie

Podcast Show Description

Max Lurie joins us from his place in Boulder, Colorado where he's building his small business to something that is both rewarding and profitable enough for him to enjoy they lifestyle that all entrepreneurs crave.

With over 10 years of experience guiding people in the most dangerous environments on Earth, max knows a few things about managing risk. In this episode you'll learn how to manage your fears and your expectations, and how to learn from your mistakes. He shares one of his most memorable experiences in the mountains, and his philosophy around problem solving and decision making.

As a leader in the industry - Max shows us what humility means and describes his approach to life through service to others.

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