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hone your skills year round by ice climbing with alpine to the max

Brave the Rockies in a winter wonderland and challenge yourself like never before by going on an ice climbing adventure with Alpine to the Max. No matter your current skill level, Max can help you plan out a customized day of guided instruction to help you achieve your goals & objectives.

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100% Custom-Tailored Rock Climbing Instruction

Fun & Safe ice climbing experience welcome to all

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go Ice climbing in colorado with a Seasoned guide

Max Lurie of Alpine to the Max has over a decade of experience guiding adventurers in the majestic world of ice climbing. With a unique experiential education approach unmatched by other local guides, you are sure to come away with not only a memorable experience but real world ice climbing knowledge that you can leverage in future climbs.

Alpine to the Max can provide you with all the necessary gear, experience and expertise you need to make the most of your ice climbing day in the mountains. With the perfect combination of adventure and safety, you can explore the Rockies in a safe, yet exhilarating manner.

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explore the top ice climbing venues with a customized experience

Going on a guided ice climb in Colorado with Alpine to the Max is the best way to safely experience some of the top ice climbing venues in the state such as Rocky Mountain National Park and Clear Creek Canyon.

Whether your goal is to simply have fun or to finally conquer a challenging ice climbing objective that's on your bucket list, Alpine to the Max will provide you with best-in-class expert instruction to ensure a safe and educational experience.

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The TOp benefits of pursuing ice climbing with alpine to the max

Ice climbing is an incredible way to keep your climbing skills sharp year-round in Colorado. With its unique combination of physical adventure and mental challenges brought on by the punishing winter landscape, it's the ideal activity for experienced climbers looking to take things to the next level. The Rockies provide a stunning winter playground full of frozen waterfalls, ice caves and snow-covered peaks that are just waiting to be explored.

Increased confidence

Raise your confidence level in the mountains and in daily life by knowing you have what it takes to climb in even the harshest conditions.

A stronger mindset

Looking for even more a mental challenge when climbing? The brutal winter conditions make for a great testing ground.

Stress Relief

Forget about life for awhile and bolster your mental health by scheduling a guided ice climbing day in the mountains.

Welcoming community

Going ice climbing with friends or a group of strangers will lead to lasting friendships and rewarding experiences.

full body fitness

Ice climbing is challenging yet rewarding functional workout that will test both your mental and physical strength.

nature escape

Enjoy the beauty of Colorado during the winter months from a vantage point few experience by ice climbing with Alpine to the Max.

Ice Climbing Overview

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Ice climbing is a terrific way to push yourself. It takes strength, agility, and determination to scale a wall of ice. The feeling of accomplishment when you reach the top is incredible. If you're looking for a challenge and aren't fazed by cold temperatures, ice climbing is definitely for you.

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    Intro to Ice Climbing
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    Steep Ice
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    Intro to Mixed Climbing
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    Multi-Pitch Ice
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Photo of Max Lurie - Colorado ice climbing guide
Meet Your Ice Climbing Guide

Independent Colorado ice climbing guide max lurie

For nearly two decades, Max Lurie has been helping climbers of all levels safely explore the great outdoors by providing expert rock, ice, and alpine instruction.

Max first began his guiding career in New England conquering classic multi-pitch ice routes during some brutal winter months in New Hampshire and Vermont.

The enthusiasm for exploration quickly led him to travel across the country's lush Pacific Northwest working with the International Mountain Guides where even more unforgettable experiences awaited; exploring Mount Rainier, Baker and North Cascades National Park.

During the winter climbing season of January - March, you can find Max leading guided ice climbs near Boulder, CO.

go Ice Climbing with max

Top-Notch Ice climbing instruction for both new & experienced climbers

Regardless of your current skill level and past climbing experience, Max Lurie will help you plan out a custom day of ice climbing instruction tailored to you. Use the tabs below to discover what a day of climbing will look like based on your experience level.

Ice climbing can be an intimidating experience, but it doesn’t have to be. No matter your previous experience with climbing we will teach you the necessary skills. You’ll learn how to belay and avoid falling ice from other climbers. Learn how to use crampons and ice tools effectively. The challenges of winter climbing can be many in a harsh environment. However, that experience offers you the opportunity to rise to the occasion.

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    Considerations for belaying while ice climbing
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    How to top rope safely with falling ice
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    New equipment: crampons, ice tools etc.
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    Ice climbing movement and techniques
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    Layering our clothing for ice climbing

Once you’ve developed your skills and are ready to take your ice climbing to the next level, that is really when things start to get fun. Nothing compares to climbing multi-pitch frozen waterfalls. Ice climbing has taken me to some of the most spectacular landscapes I’ve ever explored. If your aspirations include climbing some of the biggest mountains in the world, ice climbing skills are mandatory.

Depending on what you want to do on your outing we can cover a host of topics. Help you become a better climber with your movement, improve your rope management skills and become more confident all around.

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    Multi-Pitch Ice Climbing
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    Ice Climbing Anchors
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    Steep Ice Climbing Techniques
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    Learn To Lead Ice Climbing

See What Our Community of ice Climbers Are Saying

We strive to form genuine relationships with everyone who braves the winter weather to go ice climbing with us. Hear what our past climbers have been saying about their incredible time ice climbing across the United States.

“call Max, you will not regret It”

I’ve climbed with Alpine to the Max many, many times and it’s always been a fun, informative experience. Couloirs in RMNP, rock in Eldorado Canyon, back country ice climbing, and more. I even had Max organize a climbing event for a group of 20+ colleagues, which he crushed and the whole operation went flawlessly. If you’re looking for a top-notch guide and to have an amazing experience in the mountains

Belinda S.

“We strongly recommend Max as a guide and instructor”

Having climbed with Max several times over the past decade, we always come away with a great experience and a smile. His enthusiasm and knowledge, plus a wry sense of humor, make for instructive and fun days of climbing. A few times I've smiled as I heard Max saying to himself while leading "I love ice climbing!" We've climbed several times in NH, did the Kautz on Rainier together, and we hope to get out to CO to climb someday with Max again.

Tim P.

“Max is an incredibly knowledgeable and skillful mountain guide”

I’ve climbed in Colorado and New Hampshire with Max and I became a better and more skilled climber after each outing. He fortunately shares his insights and knowledge on Instagram under the handle @alpinetothemax, which has tech tips and other advice for those seeking to improve their climbing IQ. I’ll definitely continue climbing with Max throughout the rock and ice seasons.

Alexander O.

“I absolutely Plan on going to max for future classes”

Max is awesome! My climbing partner and I booked a day with Max to learn how to ice climb. Between making the meetup spot an easy to find location, to providing in-depth instruction throughout the day, I can't recommend Max enough.Max's instruction was clear, safe, and easy to follow. Max not only taught us the basics of ice climbing, but was willing to go further in depth to help us understand how to evaluate ice, place protection, and even create ice anchor. Beyond that, he's personable and easy to learn from. I can't recommend Max enough. He's a fantastic guide.

Dimitri V.

“highly recommend him for ice climbing skills training”

Booked an introduction to ice-climbing session with Max along with my training partner and we had a fun time on the crag. Max was easy to communicate with while coordinating for the climb, and he had provided us with all the required gear and was very patient and provided us with detailed instructions while on the climb. He climbed next to me the whole time and I felt safe and secure every min in the class. I’d highly recommend him for ice climbing skills training, and I am looking forward to work with him on the rock this summer.

Satish G.

“Max is an incredible guide and person”

I was looking for an educational approach to ice climbing which is exactly what I got. My son and I had an amazing time. We are looking forward to climbing with Max again!

Belinda S.

what does a day of ice climbing with alpine to the max look like?

Depending on the objectives and goals for the day, a typical day of ice climbing starts around 7 AM at the trailhead. From there a hike to the ice which is usually cold, but manageable because we are generating heat by hiking.

Once at the ice, iIf we are doing some single pitch climbing we’ll spend the day working on techniques and getting familiar with the tools necessary to ascend a frozen waterfall. This type of day allows for us to leave our packs at the base and warm up when necessary.

If we are doing a multi pitch objective, we’ll likely be climbing something more remote that involves previous ice climbing experience. The day usually wraps up around 3-4 PM.

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experience the top Ice climbing venues in colorado under Expert instruction

If you're looking for an authentic and truly customized ice climbing experience, then look no further than Alpine to the Max. Whether you're just starting out or are already seasoned veteran, you're guaranteed an unforgettable adventure tailored specifically to your needs.

Clear Creek Canyon

Clear Creek Canyon is a winter wonderland for mountain adventurers! From world-renowned sport climbing to spectacular ice climbs that form during colder months, it provides something special regardless of the season. For those new to alpine pursuits or those just beginning their ascent in leading icy ascents - this place is a great place to start your ice climbing journey.

Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park is an adventure-seeker's paradise, offering something for everyone no matter the season. With each coming change of weather comes a new array of mountaineering and climbing challenges that will test your limits - from alpine rock faces to backcountry skiing to ice climbing! RMNP truly has it all.

Ice Climbing Information

# of Participants
$450 mid week or $500 on a weekend
All rock or ice days in Eldorado Canyon, Open Space Mountain Park and Jeffco Open Space are run in accordance with land managers regulations through the Certified Guides Cooperative.

Ice and mixed climbing will allow you to climb year-round and is necessary for accessing many peaks in the greater ranges of the world. Whether you’re interested in doing your first ice climb or you’re a seasoned veteran looking to expand your repertoire, we can help. Each coaching/guiding day is unique and fully customized to best suit your goals and desired outcomes.

Ice Climbing Venues

Rocky Mountain National Park and Clear Creek Canyon.

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Frequently Asked Questions about ice climbing in colorado

If you're looking for an adventurous winter activity, ice climbing is sure to get your heart racing. But before taking the plunge into this exciting sport, it's essential that you're properly prepared to ensure a fun and safe outing. Below are a list of common questions with helpful answers so you can be ready for your ice climb with Alpine to the Max.

What Months is Ice Climbing In Season?
It can really depend on the venue and season, ice climbing is inherently ephemeral in nature. Meaning it can be really great and disappear in 24 hours depending on the weather/conditions. That being said, ice climbing in North America is usually good from January through March. You can extend those months if you go up in elevation or travel farther north.
Can I Go Ice Climbing With No Prior Rock Climbing Experience?
Yes, you can climb ice without any previous rock climbing experience. However, it is recommended to learn the basics of belaying, tying in and top rope climbing first. There are a lot of variables in ice climbing and to get the most out of your experience, it is best to have some prior knowledge.
Is Ice Climbing Any More Dangerous Than Rock Climbing?
Yes, there are certainly more variables in ice climbing than rock climbing. It is a harsh winter environment that presents its own challenges. With the proper instruction, equipment and clothing the risks can be managed quite well.
The length of a day really depends on where we go and what our objectives are. For a big alpine day of ice climbing, it could be upwards of 12 hours. For a day of top roping or an intro course, it is usually 6-8 hours long.
Any winter activity does have a high barrier to entry for initial equipment. Alpine to the Max has a full fleet of crampons, ice tools, ice axes, harnesses and helmets. You will need to provide the rest. Namely, appropriate mountaineering boots and winter clothing. Every outing is different and we will set you up for success if you have any clothing questions before your scheduled outing.
IS ICE CLIMBING AVAILABLE IN The Denver/Boulder Metro area?
Not in Boulder itself, but not far from it. There are several places to ice climb in the surrounding hills to the north and even south of Boulder.
Most definitely, learning to ice climb with a group of friends can be a really great and memorable experience. Not to mention that the price of tuition goes down per person with increased participants.