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Professionally Guided Rock Climbing experiences & Instruction in Colorado

Whether you’re totally new to rock climbing or are a seasoned veteran, Alpine to the Max will provide you with a guided experience uniquely tailored to your climbing goals and skill level. Our goal is to ensure you not only have a fun experience but learn essential rock climbing skills & techniques that will last a lifetime.

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100% Custom-Tailored Rock Climbing Instruction

Fun & Safe rock climbing experience welcome to all

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go rock climbing in colorado with the help of a professional guide

At Alpine to the Max, we understand that each individual has their own unique set of goals when it comes to rock climbing. Instead of cookie-cutter courses, we provide you with a full day of guided climbing instruction tailored for your skillset and climbing goals so you can get the most value possible from your climb.

Certified guide Max Lurie will help you make the most of your guided climbing day, resulting in an experience that is both fun and educational.

Whether you’re looking to develop new skills, accomplish a specific objective, or just want the comfort of climbing with a professional guide, Max will take into account all your needs in order to provide an unforgettable rock climbing experience.

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experience the top rock climbing venues offered in Colorado

Professionally certified Boulder rock climbing guide Max Lurie will take you to the top rock climbing spots in Colorado, including Rocky Mountain National Park, The Boulder Flatirons, Eldorado Canyon, Boulder Canyon, and Clear Creek Canyon. Custom trips can also be booked upon request.

Whether your goal is to just have a fun time or to finally conquer a climbing objective that's on your bucket list, Alpine to the Max will provide you with expert instruction to ensure a safe and educational experience.

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The benefits you Can expect from outdoor rock climbing with alpine to the max in colorado

Outdoor rock climbing should be an enjoyable experience that inspires learning while strengthening your connection with nature. Rock climbing is also an incredibly rewarding physical and mental activity that offers a wide range of benefits. If you're looking for a challenging outdoor sport that will test your physical and mental limits, rock climbing is an excellent place to start.

Increased confidence

Experience increased confidence in all aspects of your personal & professional life by challenging yourself with an outdoor rock climb.

A stronger mindset

The challenge provided by rock climbing will inevitably lead to a stronger mindset and help you navigate difficult life situations.

Stress Relief

Leave the stress of daily life behind for a few hours and bolster your mental health by scaling the Rocky Mountains on an outdoor rock climbing route.

Welcoming community

Climbing has its own unique subculture and is a great way to meet like-minded individuals who can become lifelong friends.

full body fitness

Rock climbing is a terrific full body workout that will help you improve your functional fitness levels and overall range of motion.

nature escape

Get lost in the beautiful mountain landscape and experience Colorado from a vantage point reserved for only the most adventurous.

Rock Climbing Overview

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Our rock climbing programs are designed for everyone, no matter your age or previous experience. We offer rock climbing day trips in Boulder as well as throughout Colorado in the Spring, Summer and Fall. Every single outing is custom tailored to meet your abilities and goals.

Popular Topics

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    Intro to Rock Climbing
  • horizontal_rule
    Top Roping
  • horizontal_rule
    Learn to Lead Sport Climbing
  • horizontal_rule
    Intro to Trad Climbing
  • horizontal_rule
    Multi-Pitch Climbing
  • horizontal_rule
    Custom Climbing Objectives
  • horizontal_rule
    Rock Rescue

Popular Objectives

  • horizontal_rule
    First Flatiron
  • horizontal_rule
    Third Flatiron
  • horizontal_rule
    Eldorado classic climbs such as:
  • horizontal_rule
  • horizontal_rule
    Wind Tower

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Our independently guided rock climbing courses offer something for everyone regardless of past experience or current skill level. With over 100 five-star reviews, you can't go wrong.

Photo of Max Lurie Rock Climbing in Boulder, Colorado Flatirons
Meet Your Rock Climbing Guide

Professionally certified & Independent rock climbing guide max lurie

Alpine to the Max is owned by AMGA-certified rock climbing guide Max Lurie. Based in Boulder and providing custom mountain experiences in the Colorado Front Range and beyond, Max is a well known Colorado rock climbing guide that offers guided rock climbing experiences for all skill levels at the top climbing venues throughout Colorado.

From first-time climbers wanting to learn the basics to seasoned veterans looking to update their practices, Max will provide direct, hands-on instruction to help you achieve your mountain goals. All of the instruction is customized to fit your unique objectives and provide you with a memorable experience.

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Guided rock climbing instruction for both new & experienced climbers

Regardless of your current skill level and past climbing experience, Max Lurie will help you plan out a custom day of rock climbing instruction tailored to you. Use the tabs below to discover what a day of climbing will look like based on your experience level.

On your first or nearly first outdoor rock climbing experience, there are a few basic safety topics that need to be covered before the fun can begin. Learn in a safe environment how to belay and top rope climb. From there your climbing experience can be whatever you make of it. We’ll explore climbing movement and specific techniques for ascending the rock. All while protected from above with a rope.

A typical climbing day rock climbing lessons starts around 8 AM and finishes in the afternoon, but these times can change seasonally, depending on the weather and objectives. Plan for a full day of physical activity outside, which means appropriate clothing and food/water for the day. After a day out you will feel comfortable giving a top rope belay and climbing on the wall. Rock climbing is an incredibly empowering sport that allows you to push your boundaries. You’ll be amazed at how much more capable you are than you might think.

Popular beginner climbing topics

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    Top Rope Belaying
  • horizontal_rule
    Donning a Climbing Harness
  • horizontal_rule
    Tying Into a Rope
  • horizontal_rule
    Partner Check and Communication
  • horizontal_rule
    Basic Climbing Techniques and Movement
  • horizontal_rule
  • horizontal_rule
    Climbing terminology

For the intermediate or experienced rock climber a day could cover a wide variety of topics. Depending on your goals and aspirations. We can meet you wherever you are at and help you get to the next level. This could be transitioning from leading in the gym to sport climbing outside. Maybe you’ve been sport climbing for a while and want to expand your climbing to trad climbing. Or even multi-pitch climbing transitions and stance management techniques.

These days typically include some experiential education as well as some ground school to practice techniques. We’ll usually start by climbing to give you some context and have some fun. When we will discuss the theory and practice the new techniques on the ground. Finally, once we check for understanding we can go live with the new skills to gain valuable feedback.

These days are designed for climbers looking to expand their skill sets and improve their self-sufficiency in the mountains.

Popular Advanced climbing topics

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    Learning to Lead Sport
  • horizontal_rule
    Learning to Lead Traditional Climbing
  • horizontal_rule
    Intro to Multi-Pitch Rock Climbing
  • horizontal_rule
    Climbing Anchor Construction
  • horizontal_rule
    Multi-Pitch Transitions, Rope Management and Efficiency
  • horizontal_rule
    Partner Rescue or Rock Rescue Techniques
  • horizontal_rule
    Basic Knots and Hitches

What Our Community of rock Climbers Are Saying

We believe in forging great relationships with everyone who climbs with us. See what people are saying about their outdoor rock climbing experience with Alpine to the Max.

“Max Is the guide I go to for expert climbing instruction”

His years of experience and AMGA qualifications make him a trusted source for climbing knowledge and technical skills. He’s a great teacher and a patient guide who is always willing to share his expertise regardless of your starting point. I’ve climbed with him in Eldo and the Flatirons, and always take away valuable insights and improved skills. I highly recommend Max for your next adventure or climbing objective, whether you’re looking to learn or simply looking for a trusted guide to lead the way.

Adam H.

“I would recommend to anyone be they beginner or experienced”

Max recently took me out for a day in Eldorado Canyon. It wasn’t my first time out with Max, and I hope it won’t be the last. @alpinetothemax knew the area and his skillset well enough to get us 13 pitches in about 2.5hrs. While he moves and works fast he never compromised his personal safety or my own comfort level, and he had plenty of time to be courteous to other climbers as we moved around the area. Top notch day!

Nicholas W.

“Max has been my instructor and guide for many years”

I'm so grateful to have had such a fantastic mentor in how to safely interact with the beautiful environments that mountaineering and rock climbing brings. I first met Max during a week-long introductory course to mountaineering, and was immediately taken by his philosophy of bringing safety and fun together. We have climbed Mt. Rainier together have done several day-long rock-climbing days in the Boulder, CO area. Max is extremely knowledgeable, patient, diligent, and fun. His enthusiasm for mountaineering is infectious, and continues to be my mentor in mountaineering.

Hamid G.

“thank you for an awesome experience in the mountains”

Let me start by saying Max is a Professional Guide. I had very limited climbing experience coming into this guided rock climbing experience. Max takes me out and we literally jump right into my introduction to climbing. Max literally inspired me to get out of my comfort zone immediately and go beyond what I thought I was capable of. After 4 days of rock climbing I have the upmost respect for Max and his dedication to climbing and outdoor life. Safety was always first! I would make mistakes Max was always watching and would immediately correct the issue his attention to detail on the side of a mountain with the wind and cold was amazing. I'm still saying WOW thinking about my experience climbing with Alpine to the Max.

Wayne C.

“I couldn’t recommend Max enough”

Max was incredibly helpful for our intro to trad course. He not only teaches the information, but makes sure to go over alternatives to different techniques and general philosophy to think about in your climbing. We were able to customize the class that day to go over things that interested us rather than a set curriculum, which I really enjoyed. If you’re thinking about going out with a guide for any kind of instruction, I couldn’t recommend Max enough.

Kyle M.

“Max is an outstanding guide”

I couldn’t have asked for a better day of climbing and learning. I joined Max in hopes of setting a solid foundation of skills and knowledge in my own climbing endeavors to come, and I was beyond satisfied with the day he had prepared for us. He was always excited to answer my many questions and help me understand minute details within context of the bigger picture. I’ll remember this day when I take the sharp end on a multi-pitch for the first time. An incredible instructor and ideal climbing partner!

Jared E.

“I really enjoyed learning from a professional and would recommend his services to anyone”

My partner and I hired Max for a guided day of self rescue skills and we had an absolute blast. Max is super knowledgeable and was more than patient answering all of our questions. We never felt rushed and had ample time to run through different scenarios and skills.

Alan L.

“Max is adept, knowledgeable, and great to work with all around”

He breaks down skills and explains them thoroughly, taking the time to make sure you understand a concept before moving on to something more complex. He meets clients where they’re at, working effectively with different skill levels and learning styles. If you want to up your technical climbing skills and have a darn good time doing it then Max is your guy!

Lead J.

what does rock climbing with alpine to the max look like?

A typical day of rock climbing consists of meeting at the trailhead in either Eldorado Canyon State Park, Chautauqua Park or wherever our adventures are taking us that day.

We’ll make sure we have all the necessary equipment and confirm the goals for our outing. Then we are off! Our day can consist of learning new skills and applying them, a big multi-pitch route or a combination of the two. Each day is unique, so anything is possible. Just ask!

  • horizontal_rule
    Starts at 8 AM and finishes at 3-4PM
  • horizontal_rule
    Full day of physical activity outside
  • horizontal_rule
    Morning briefing about what to expect from the day
  • horizontal_rule
    Short or moderate hiking approach depending on the venue
  • horizontal_rule
    Many hours of rock climbing fun and education
  • horizontal_rule
    Pack up and hike back out to the trailhead
  • horizontal_rule
    Quick debrief of the day with some next steps for the future
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Photo of a person rock climbing in Boulder, CO with Alpine to the Max

experience the top rock climbing venues in colorado under guided instruction

The Rocky Mountains provide some of the best climbing experiences to be found in the entire United States. Alpine to the Max guides & instructs at the top outdoor rock climbing venues in all of Colorado across the Front Range.

Boulder Flatirons

Visible from along the Front Range, the Flatirons are an icon synonymous with Colorado. For any climber visiting the Boulder area a trip wouldn’t be complete without an ascent of either the First or Third Flatirons. Deeply featured and textured slab climbing make for moderate climbing on these tall formations.

Eldorado Canyon

Unlike any other venue in the world, Eldorado Canyon State Park has incredibly dense sandstone climbing that offers special movement and a wonderful climbing experience. With cliffs up to 700 feet tall there is enough terrain to last a lifetime.  

Clear Creek Canyon

From steep sport routes to your first lead climb, Clear Creek Canyon has it all. Well protected sport climbs densely packed into dozens of amazing crags, with easy access it is no wonder that everyone wants to climb here.

Rocky Mountain National Park

With features like the Diamond on Longs Peak, the Petit Grepon, Hallett Peak and Sharkstooth Rocky Mountain National Park is stacked with ultra classic routes. From alpine rock to steep spring snow climbing, there are endless adventures to be had.

red rocks

Red Rock National Conservation Area just outside of Las Vegas is famous for long moderate traditional rock climbing. Some of the best sandstone climbing found anywhere. Immaculate face climbing up steep walls in the many canyons that make up the area. Enough climbing to last a lifetime of exploring.

custom trip

Want to go on a guided rock climbing trip outside of Colorado? Just ask! Alpine to the Max is available to guide a custom trip upon request.

# of Participants

Rock Climbing pricing

Come climb an iconic Flatiron right outside of Boulder, Colorado. Ascend this 1000 foot tall cliff, just a 40 min walk from the parking lot. At a relatively modest difficulty level, this is a must do for any climber visiting or long time resident. This is a great introduction to multi pitch rock climbing that offers incredible views and an excellent climbing movement.

The technical climbing of Eldorado Canyon State Park offers something for everyone. This is the perfect venue to learn how to trad climb or experience your first rock climb. Practice rappelling, anchor construction or just go for a classic climb. Eldo, as it is called by the locals, is a unique climbing experience and a phenomenal place to hone your skills.

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Frequently Asked Questions about outdoor rock climbing

Rock climbing is an exciting sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. However, before heading out to the mountains, it’s important to be prepared. Here are some common questions climbers have along with answers that will help you get ready for your adventure with Alpine to the Max.

Do I need To Hire a GUide To learn How to Climb?
Hiring a guide is not necessary to learn how to rock climb, plenty of folks have done it on their own. However, it will give you peace of mind that you are getting the best education you can on the topic. 

Rock climbing isn’t something you want to take shortcuts on because it can have serious consequences. Most people certainly don’t hire a guide every time they go climbing, but doing so to become a self-sufficient climber is highly advisable.
How do I prepare for my Rock Climbing outing?
This depends on the objective and can vary drastically from a day of rock climbing to a winter overnight or expedition. However, we will always set you up for success. This means that mentorship starts at the time of booking to help prepare you for your outing. Alpine to the Max is a resource of knowledge that you will have access to.
Is Rock Climbing Difficult to learn?
Yes, and also maybe no. It really depends on what your previous level of athletic ability is and what you are attempting to climb. There is climbing for everyone and everybody. Hiring a rock climbing guide is an excellent way to find your baseline abilities as a climber. They will give you some pointers and you’ll be amazed at how fast you can pick up the basics.
What Venues In Colorado Are Best For Rock Climbing? 
Different venues or areas offer different things, so it really depends on what your goals and objectives are.

For top roping or sport climbing, Clear Creek Canyon and Boulder Canyon are excellent options. They both have dozens of crags that offer a lifetime of adventure and discovery.

As for traditional or trad climbing, specifically multi-pitch trad climbing, there is no place like Eldorado Canyon State Park. Eldo is such a special place with unique rock formations and very engaging climbing. It offers everything from beginner first-time terrain to the most advanced technical climbing at the forefront of the sport.
How do I pick a guide or guide service?
This is actually a scary topic because there is no oversight or regulation in the mountain guiding industry. This means that anyone with a rope can call themselves a guide. Furthermore, guide services will often use language like “Professional Mountain Guides” while hiring young and/or inexperienced guides while paying them a fraction of what you pay for their services.

Always ask if your guide is certified by the American Mountain Guides Association. This will ensure that your guide/instructor has been peer reviewed and has passed their examinations. By hiring an independent certified guide, such as Alpine to the Max, you are ensuring the quality of instruction or experience that you will receive.